25 Ways to Boost your Marketing Email Click Through Rates

It is important to plan the contents of your emails meticulously because a poor subject line will cause 69% of the people to spam an email, even before they have opened it.

email subjectlines

Email marketing is a way to draw the attention of your recipients so that they will be tempted to click on it.

If you are flagging in your click-through rates, you will most likely be suffering a major drop in your profits as well. There are several ways to boost your click-through rates and here are some of the options you can try out:

1. Improve your Subject Lines:

As I mentioned, the subject line is the key to draw people in. If you do not put in a subject line, you might want to reconsider doing so in your next campaign.

It gives the recipient an idea of the contents of the email and they can first judge whether they are interested without dismissing it outright.

A well-written subject line also serves to invoke the curiosity of the reader. You can induce a sense of urgency in the subject line to set the mood that the offer is limited. Buyers are more likely to hurry up and purchase the product if they are informed that it would be out of stock soon.

Recommended reading: Email Subject Line Best Practices

Improve your Subject Lines2. Add in some Social Media Icons:

Social media icons are an important mark of credibility in any kind of promotional venture. They allow people to look up your page on Facebook or any other social media you have an account on.

This lets them build an idea about your brand based on more than the information you have provided on your website.

It also helps to inform new customers about the latest news from your end. Even if you have not uploaded your website yet, you are bound to regularly post on social media. It is thus not surprising that emails with social media icons get more click-throughs than those without.

GetResponse found that just adding social media sharing buttons to your regular emails increased the overall conversion rate by 158%.

GetResponseSocialSharing3. Tweak the Tone of the Email:

Cater to the ego of the customer. It is really very easy, and all you need to do is emphasize that you value your buyers and want them to approach you.

You can establish this with a simple thank you and assure them that you are open to answering any and all queries they might have.

However, at the same time, don’t overdo this or it will appear fake. You can keep the language simple and purposefully friendly all through.

This will naturally encourage the buyer to at least check out your merchandise even if they are not willing to make a purchase, the next time you send them an email.

Effective email communication tone4. Arrange the content in a numbered list:

Bulleted articles are easier on the eyes than long paragraphs. It is faster to read and easier to comprehend.

Moreover, if your buyer isn’t an avid reader, they most likely won’t have the patience to go through a long article. That is why you should put it in a numbered list.

Articles like ’20 Tips to Reduce Weight’ and ‘10 Must-Have Dresses for this Summer’ are eye-catching subject lines that promise an interesting and fast read for the curious reader.

It also gives an estimation of how long your article will be even before the reader opens the email. This way, they will be aware of how much content they can expect and won’t give up in the middle.

5. Establish your Brand Name:

Your recipients receive hundreds of emails from different brands all the time. However, they, of course, will not open all of them. But if it from a brand they are sure that they can trust and buy from, they will most probably give it a chance.

Therefore, if you are not an established brand, chances are that your click-through rates will suffer. You have to establish your company first. Email marketing will only work once your buyers have already developed a trust in your credibility.

You can try advertising through banners and posters. Even online pop-ups and social media are great ways to promote your brand.

Even adding banded keywords in subject line improve click through rates

branded vs non branded email lines6. Triggered Emails:

Of all your email marketing campaigns, triggered emails will possibly procure the highest click-through rates. Triggered emails reach out to the customer when they are already interested in the product.

Triggered emails include welcome emails, confirmation emails, and of course, transaction emails. These are most usually automated as well.

However, the key to a successful triggered campaign is to make use of the situation as soon as it arises. If you wait till the 25th to launch a Christmas campaign, your buyer will already have bought all they need from elsewhere.

Or if you are advertising safety gears to counteract a disaster, do so as soon as it occurs.

triggered emails

Image source: Litmus

7. Stress on Segmentation:

You must already be bored of encountering this one everywhere. However, it is the most important way you can establish success in your email marketing campaign.

Different buyers are interested in different products and promoting your latest discount in electronics to your entire email list will be a waste of resources.

It is easy to maintain a customer profile. You can keep track of the site activity and purchases of your customers to figure out what interests them.

You can also segment your emails based on the location and the time of the year.

Lack of segmentation will cause you to lose your customers while implementing it will boost your sales significantly.

8. Provide Quality Content:

If your emails offer something unique to the recipients, they will be more willing to open them. Therefore, make sure that the content not comprised of just a bunch of promotional offers.

Your buyers will get tired of that soon enough. They will, however, be interested in reading about industry news and product information.

For this, you can send out some high-content emails at strategic intervals.

It could be some tips about how to use a new product you are launching on your site. Or it could be some safety mechanisms on some product the buyer has recently bought.

You can also launch a regular newsletter. If your buyers have subscribed for it, they will definitely open those emails.

9. Ask for Their Opinions:

Your emails should not be solely concerned with establishing your own point. Your buyers might have their own opinions and requests that they would like to express as well.

You can send emails with a survey reviewing their experienced with your site. You can also send them review links for products that they have purchased.

If they do have any complaints, respond to it quickly and compensate as much as possible for it. You will gather a lot of sales strategies if you listen to customer request and ideas as well.

Moreover, for every email, make sure that you provide adequate contact details. You can put in some links, add your phone number and a couple of email IDs so that the customer knows how to reach out to you.

ask question10. Be Concise:

If the recipient gets an idea that emails from your company are too long and pointless, they will avoid them.

There is no point in a winding articulation when you can establish the same point in a few sentences.

This will prevent your readers from getting distracted and losing track.

So get to the point as fast as you can.

Also, make the size of the email as short as possible. This way the recipient will not lose patience at the mere length of your email even before they open it.

11. Resend your Emails:

It is not enough to send one email just once to a recipient and give up if it has not been opened.

Try again and send the same email a couple more times. It is likely that the recipient missed the first one and the second or third one would bring their attention to it.

However, do not abuse this trick either. If your customer hasn’t opened the email every time you have sent it, it might be time to give up. You can safely assume that they are not interested in it now.

Not sure this is a good idea? Not sure it’s worth it? AlchemyWorx has a great case study that might just change your mind.

resend email12. Make Everything Easily Accessible:

You can write out the entire procedure and all the benefits of your promotion on your email and it still might be rendered pointless if you do not put in the links through which they can access it.

Therefore, it is important that you make sure that the recipient has the URL on hand. It might be the link to the product or your site or even a review link.

Even if you write down everything, your recipients are going to ignore your future emails if they feel that they have to make too much of an effort.

13. Make it Mobile-Friendly:

Moreover, if your email cannot be opened through any and all devices, they will be ignored by most of your recipients. No one will wait till they have access to a computer and then remember to open the email they received hours ago.

So your emails have to be mobile-friendly above all. Keep the length and the images to a minimum for this. This would also keep your email out of the spam box.

responsive email click through

(Litmus “Email Analytics”, March 2016)

Emails-Mobile-Devices14. Include One Call to Action Instead of Many

This is another wise marketing tactic many newbies are unaware of. While including multiple CTAs in your promotional emails may sound like a solid idea, hear it from us, it is not. This will only confuse your subscribers and instead of clicking on one of them, they might report it as spam.

Here’s an interesting tidbit to inspire you to stick to only one CTA. Industry giant Whirlpool observed a whopping 42% increase in their click-through rates after adding one CTA per email. The formula truly works because it clearly explains the subscribers as to what action to take.

The recipients are more likely to respond when they are sure about what they are signing up for.

CTA15. Position the CTA on the Right

Follow the Guttenberg pattern in this regard. Always place the CTA on the right side of the email as we read from left to right. Ideally, the subscribers should get all the information they need before they take any action.

Placing the CTA button on the left is thus a slight turn-off. It is extremely important to be aware of the important focal areas while placing the important elements of an email, email signature or designing a website to ensure maximum click-through rates.

Gutenberg Diagram16. Opt for HTML Buttons

Opting for HTML buttons instead of plain text call to action buttons is always be a wiser move.

Color-coded HTML buttons are not only responsive and easily draws attention, but they can also resize according to the device you are using.

This means you can get a better response from both mobile and desktop users.

Moreover, using it as an alternative to images will ensure a faster loading time of the emails. Another benefit of using HTML buttons is that in case the images don’t load, your CTR won’t take a hit.

Opt for HTML Buttons17. Pay Special Attention to the Preview Text

We all get hundreds of promotional emails every day, don’t we?

In order to make the most of your email marketing campaigns, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your recipients.

Do you really have the time to even open all those emails?

Forget reading them or taking an action.

In order to boost your open rates and click-throughs, you have to create a great first impression.

We have already discussed about a couple of tactics you should adapt for that. Here’s another one.

String the words carefully when writing the preview text. Both Gmail and Apple email allow for preview text. You can provide a gist of your email, add a CTA or simply highlight the key information you want your subscribers to read first in this section.

According to Litmus, 24% people tend to read the preview text before opening their emails. Meanwhile, keep the width of the email under 600 PX as nearly 28% of the emails are opened from desktops.

preview text

Which email app display preview text?

Desktop mail app preview text support

Mobile mail app preview text support

Webmail mail app preview text support

Image source: Litmus

18. Nail the Timing

You know timing is every bit as important as the content of the email itself. Sending the emails at a wrong time of the day or week can hurt your click-throughs. If you want specifics, 11 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays is the, most ideal time for sending b2b emails.

Many surveys, over the years, have proven that the chances of opening and clicking on CTA are highest between 8 PM to midnight. Mondays are the worst day of the week to send promotional emails. Also, keeps tabs on the frequency of the emails.

If they are few and far between, your brand will be forgotten. If they are too frequent, they will find their way to the spam folder very easily. Perform A/B tests to get more accurate information on the best timings to send emails to your target subscribers.

Also, tailor your email campaigns according to popular festivals and holidays would cause a huge jump in your click-through rates.

Email open and click through rate

image source: Listrak.com

19. Create an Appropriate Layout

It all lies in the presentation. You should choose a suitable layout for your emails depending on the kind of emails you are sending. Unless you’re promoting something quirky, don’t go overboard with the layout.

Campaign Monitor managed to get a mindblowing 127% increase in their click through rates, simply by tweaking the layout of their blog emails.

You can opt for a multi column layout if you need to share a lot of content.

But if your one and only goal is to make your subscribers click on the CTA button, stick to the popular single column layout.

Create an Appropriate Layout20. Include Suitable Images

According to a survey conducted by Vero, promotional emails with images have 42% higher CTR than those without images. Including proper images with ALT texts will complement the content of your email.

You should also not forget to add ALT texts because images are automatically turned off by many email clients. You can also include links as they are easier to click from mobile phones. Since we are on the topic, you should also know that overstuffing your emails with images will do you more harm than good.

Picture increase click through rate

Email with images have higher CTR21. Induce the FOMO

FOMO is the internet-obsessed generation’s short form for fear of missing out.

Using this psychological hack to bolster your click-through rates is what we are exactly suggesting you to do.

Create a sense of urgency by adding phrases like “hurry up! Offer valid for only 24 hours!”, “now”, “right now” will compel many of your subscribers to take a call to action immediately rather than waiting.

22. Keep Your Email List Clean

Does the idea of removing people from your email list scare you?

It mustn’t.

You are only going to remove the crowd that has been unresponsive for a long time, unsubscribed or reported spam.

According to GETRESPONSE, email lists have a natural churn rate of 25-30% a year.

You can easily tick off this group of unengaged subscribers by observing their rating or activity with your emails. On the other hand, if you want to rekindle their interest in your emails, sending re-engagement emails is always an option.

23. Generate Curiosity

Curiosity is good for your click-through rates.

Did you ever wonder why those Buzzfeed articles get a massive response even at times when the actual article has little to no substance?

A lot of credit goes to the way they induce curiosity among their readers by creating an information gap. This is basic psychology.

When we see an information gap without a closure, it creates unrest in our minds. We get a strong urge to put our mind at ease by getting the full information. It’s called Zeigarnik effect.

Creating a subject line, preview text or adding an image that leaves an information gap will thus lead to a huge jump in the click-through rates.

generate curiosity24. Feed the Ego

Another psychological trick many successful marketers have adapted and benefitted from over the years.

People are more likely to take call to action when you create an impression that they are getting something that already belongs to them.

For example, changing “you” to “my” can drive the CTR by 90% according to a report by ContentVerve.

You can A/B test the CTA buttons first by making a very small change like “Start my free trial” instead of “start your free trial”. And see the difference it makes yourself!

Feed the Ego25. P.S: Add a P.S

It is another vital element of emails that most marketers don’t pay heed to. Some copywriters will tell you that this section is almost as important as the subject line and the opening line of the email.

It is the Serial Position Effect at work here. P.S or post scriptum is added at the end of the text and draws the attention of those readers to jump straight to the end of the email instead of going through the whole stuff.

So, make sure to provide the key information at the very end of the email copy to in order to boost your click-throughs.

Add a PS

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, keep in mind that the average click-through rate is not constant for every industry. If you are selling bakery goods and compare your click-through rates to a laptop company, it will differ greatly.

If you have read the whole article thoroughly, you must have grasped the idea that email marketing (or simply any kind of marketing) has a lot to do with playing with the customers’ psychology.

You might have a lot of tricks up your sleeve but you have to know your audience and get your timing perfect to get them to work.

The key is to keep the emails goal-oriented. It should not be pointless drivel and that actually comprises of most of the ways you can improve your click-through rates. It is relatively simple and easy and if you do it right, it might be your most lucrative marketing aspect.

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