7 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Signature Marketing

Email marketing can be held accountable for 23% online transactions. No wonder online marketers are rooting for this platform to expand their business.

A stylish email signature can leave a lasting impression on your target potential customers.

Similarly, an overly complex, unnecessarily colorful signature overcrowded by tons of information could be an instant turn-off. If we are to believe the stats, spam emails occupy 56.87% of email traffic.

Bad signature is one of the reasons why mail servers would flag promotional mails as spam. In this infographic, we have described 7 do’s and don’ts of email signature marketing every aspiring digital marketer should follow.

We have covered everything, from the kind of layout you should choose to which fonts are better be avoided. You will also learn how the “less is more” policy is the best policy when it comes to creating a professional email signature.

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