Best Time to Send Emails (Advanced Guide)

Email marketing can be held accountable for around 40% online transactions, globally. Knowing the best time to send emails is very important because that will lead to eventually garnering more traffic for your site.

Your open and conversion rates could plummet in case you send out your emails at the wrong time. This will definitely have a very big impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

But, at the end of the day, it is all going to depend on your recipients.

Initially, it might take you a few months to set up. But make sure that you have played around in all possible ways with the days and times you send your emails to find out what succeeds. Run a variety of campaigns with the same content again and again to find the best fit.

Make a note of the emails that garner the most clicks. Then send your future campaigns on similar lines. Besides this, you can also use your own data and Google Analytics to assist you in sending emails more effectively.

Best Day to Send Emails

Best days to send emails

So which day of the week is it that you hate the most?

Even though Mondays turn out to be very boring, it is actually Tuesdays that the reality of work sets in. According to the GetResponse 2013 census, people send about 17% of the emails on Tuesdays.

MailChimp and Wordstream suggests that Thursday and Tuesday are the best days to send emails.

Best day to send email data

Data from Wordstream and MailChimp

Best day to send email data form mailchamp

Data from MailChimp

Hubspot data also support similar trend, they found that Tuesday is the best day to send email.

best day to send business email hubspot

Data from HubSpot

Compared to all the days, it is on Tuesdays that most emails are opened. This gives you all the more reason to send out your emails on Tuesdays. Emails have an open rate of almost 18% which is the highest among that of any other day of the week..

In case you only have to deal with two emails per week, then Thursday could be a good option for sending out the second email. Besides these two days, you can even send out your emails on Wednesdays as it does better than all the other left out days.

According to a survey conducted by MailerMailer, Tuesdays are on the top of the list with the most number of opens, with Wednesday bagging the second spot. As for clicks, Sundays are a winner with Tuesday seconding.

Best day to send email mailmailer

Data from MailerMailer.

According to GetResponse, you will get the nest click and opens on sending emails on Saturday and Sunday.

best day to send email getresponse dan zarella

Data from GetResponse

Besides this, you also need to keep a track of different time zones. If your company caters to services locally, you can proceed with your own time zone. However, if your recipients are based globally, then you need to follow their time zones very strictly.

Entrepreneurs and workaholics are people who keep checking their emails throughout the day. So, for B2B emails, Saturdays top the charts for the highest open and click rates. However, if your emails are aimed at nine-to-five citizens, the best option is to send them emails mid-week, from Tuesday till Thursday.


Best Time to Send Emails

Best time to send emails

Sending emails in the early mornings from 6 to 7 or during evenings around 8 seem to garner most response rates. The rate of reply goes up till 45% during these hours. What really comes into consideration is what time your subscribers are likely to browse on their phones.

The first thing that people do, usually, after getting up is to check their phones. So, mornings are definitely a great time. Statistics show that around 50% of the people start their work by checking their emails on the bed itself. So, if your recipients are staunch workaholics, 6 in the morning is the perfect time to start off with sending emails.

best time to send email getresponse

Data from GetResponse and Dan Zarella

However, 9 to 11 in the morning also turns out to be a good time, if your recipients are getting into their offices and going online at 10. Post lunch, some people choose to remain focused on their work and make the most of their time when the others have moved on for a little distraction. Therefore, if your target group is mostly the office goers, then 2 during the day is the optimum time to send out your emails.

campaign monitor email opens by hour

Data from Campaign Monitor

best time to send email customerio experian

Data from Experian and

According to hubspot researched sending emails at 11 am tends to get most opens

best time to send business email hubspot

Data from HubSpot

Mailmailer recommended 10 a.m tends to get most opens.

best time to send email mailermailer

Data from MailerMailer

Besides this, most people also like to check their emails before they go to bed. Just to keep distractions away they schedule their mornings for productive activities instead of checking emails. Therefore, their entire routine of checking emails shifts to the evening from 8 till midnight before going to bed.

When we talk about late nights or early mornings, it is this period of time when television networks sign off and retire for the night. But for certain companies, this is their prime time and turns out to be very highly lucrative for them. This is because when there is nothing being aired on the television, night owls are more likely to watch an infomercial.

Similarly, the best time to send out an email is when there is the least competition. If there’s a complete drought in your contact’s inbox, your messages will be more likely to stand out and get noticed. This will, in turn, lead to greater open and reply rates.

When to send which email?

In case you are a manufacturer trying to choose the best day to send your newsletter or include a lesson in your email course, then Tuesday, by default, is a sensible option. Make use of the soaring open rates, earlier in the week, to send emails that do not compulsorily need to drive clicks.

So, you can simply share an update, send emails about a blog post, or simply just educate your readers on these days.

However, if you need traffic to drive clicks or simply want your recipients to perform certain tasks like signing up for a webinar or probably just take a survey, then choosing the later part of the week for sending emails can work in your favor.

The highest click rates actually occur over the weekends. This can actually be explained logically. The emails that people receive over the weekends, is very low and so they get more time to read their emails.

Email highest open rates

(Click here for the full infographic)

However, there is no general decision regarding an exact day that you have to send emails. Besides, a particular day of the week doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of open and click rates. These rates tend to lower towards the end of the week, resulting the weekends to be the worst days to send emails.

This just proves that there are always going to be outliers. Some email lists simply do not behave the way most of the other email lists do. If you conduct your own study, you might discover that your best send day is something absolutely different from the average best send days.

How to Discover the Best Send Time for Your List

  1. Schedule Your Emails

Now that you have certain knowledge about what works for the majority of email marketers across various industries, you are presented with a pretty good starting point.

So, firstly, try scheduling sending out your emails in the mornings on the weekdays. We have already seen from the various studies mentioned above that weekdays turn out to be the winners.

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  1. Check Your Rates

Post garnering a considerable amount of data, you should take a look at your open rates. These open rates will vary depending on your industry type. However, the average open rate across all industries is 22.87%. While you are at it, do not forget to go one step at a time.

First, test one variable at a time. Also, when you are testing your test times, make sure that you are sending exactly the same email with the tiniest of details remaining the same.

Click to open rate by industry

  1. Conduct Tests

    What you are actually looking for is to understand how much traffic your emails are able to contribute to your blog. Only if your emails are viewed, you will have your subscribers visiting your site.

    Furthermore, if these recipients view your site, they will be able to ask others to check it out too. At the end of the day, it is these loyal readers who read, share and bring additional traffic to your website.

    One way is to go to your service provider’s dashboard and check your open and click rates. Another way to check the performance of your tests is by taking the help of Google Analytics and reviewing your traffic through email.

  2. Experiment With Your Send Times

    Now comes the point where we decide what times to experiment with. For this, write down all the information that you have about your subscribers as well as their relationship with you.

    What they do for a living or how they spend their day could be some points you could research and write about. Also, determine what the content of your emails are and when is your recipient more likely to be thinking about that content.

    For instance, people like Ryan Robinson, who teaches others how to commence their own business while still continuing to work their day job, might consider sending out their emails in the evenings or during the weekends when his subscribers are not at their day jobs.

    Whereas, some others who help businesses optimize their website traffic, will definitely get better results by sending their emails during the work hours when his subscribers are working on their websites.

    The secret here is to find out what kind of subscribers you have and when they are the most likely to indulge with your company.

    Besides this, in the age of things trending on social media like wildfire, it will be great to have your subscribers follow you on social media as well. This way you have the perfect opportunity to see when your subscribers are online.

  3. Know Who You Are Writing for

These strategies present a good way for you to start with. However, they will not help you if they are not serving your audience. Therefore, get to know your subscribers well.

There are two ways to understand what the best times are to send emails to your audience Firstly, go by the book and send emails at the probable times mentioned above in the post. \

Then analyze the information and data that you get from these tests to find out when you received the most traffic. It becomes really simple if you plan your work and then work your plan.

Find out whether they are busy entrepreneurs wanting to check their emails during lunch or just small business owners who reach home late. See whether your content is related to work or is for the leisure loving people.

 Adjust your email sending out timings according to your recipients’ timings and their needs. Fit in with their schedules and you will be good to go.

So, now you have an entire analysis of the best times that you can send out your emails. But it does not stop at this. You are definitely looking forward to garnering more traffic than you are getting.

Thus, your next step should be to get more opens, the best way to do that is by writing better subject lines for your emails.

How to Get More Opens from Your Email Subject Lines

There is a huge difference between getting some traffic and getting the desired optimum traffic. This is where the more opens come into question. It hasn’t been a secret that one of the core drivers of opens is the subject line of your email.

It is the subject line that generally stands out the most in your recipients’ inboxes. And this is where you start creating your first impressions or simply deciding whether you will have any first impression with the subscribers or not.

The chart below, from Content Marketing Up, shows that short subject lines get more opens.

short subject lines get more opens

So if it is the opens that lead to more clicks, we now know that these opens come from amazing email subject lines. Let us explore a few data-driven ways to write these subject lines so that you can get more traffic for your site.

  1. Make your headlines sound inspirational

From a study, where more than one million headlines were analyzed, it was found that certain headlines get more views than others. ‘How to’, ‘lists’, and question headlines have more proximity of getting more social shares than any other type of headlines.

For emails as well, these same kinds of subject lines perform amazingly to get more opens.


  1. Tell Your Subscribers What Is In It For Them

Since time immemorial, this is one thing that helps the marketers create a bond with their audience. Because you are running a business, it comes without saying that you are conducting business for profit.

Thus, you need to show your audience what is in it for them. Studying various data, telling your audience what is in it for them in your email subject line is a very good way to increase your open rate.

You could term this as your benefit that will in a way appeal to self-interest, or even call it sharing your value proposition. The point is, to make it clear beforehand what your recipient will receive if they go forward and open your email.

In a way, you are helping them know that they will experience something they really desire, once they open their email.

  1. Show Who They Could Be Like Once They Open Your Email

Social proof will increase your subscribers’ trust in you and let them see themselves being successful. This will work very well when they see others using your solution.

So, make use of your email subject line to appeal to the benefits of case studies, examples, stories and testimonials that are scattered throughout your blog post.

  1. Make Your Subject Line Stand Out In A Cluttered Inbox

History is a proof that uniqueness will drive more opens for you. So be creative in your approach. Plan to include jokes, humor, or something that does not go by the rule book, in your subject line.

The point is to try anything that arouses curiosity or catches the attention of the recipient beyond the same-old.

Obama email subject line

  1. Make Them Move Fast

FOMO will get you subscribers. The fear of missing out is a very powerful motivator. It will make your recipients wonder what it is that you know and they don’t. Presenting a deadline, calling to a sense of urgency, or even suggesting a lack in your subject line can help you increase your opens.

  1. Make It Sound Fresh

It is a fact that blog posts that sound fresh or are especially reporting on the news in your forte, get most social shares on any type of content. In fact, news posts get the most social shares of any type of content.

So, when you write content that talks about recent events in your industry, use these facts in your email subject lines to get to spread the word fast.

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The Best and Worst Times to Send Emails


The Mondays

We are all aware of the Monday blues. Post an off weekend or meeting up with friends or simply spending the weekends in your pajamas, it is pretty difficult to get that work mode on for a consecutive five days.

For this very reason, Mondays are usually considered to be the worst days that you can choose to send out your marketing emails or newsletters. This is because people are genuinely not in a good mood to have come out of their weekend cocoon.

Receiving such emails will only make them want to delete whatever email that seems like spam or unimportant emails.

The Weekends

The weekends turn out to be a very tricky choice depending on the business of your recipients. While internet activities generally reduce on Saturdays and Sundays, there are some people who seem to have more free time during the weekends to check their inboxes.

This, again, is wholly based on your readers. As mentioned earlier, if most of your readers are full-time professionals who have children, then your luck can fluctuate. They might keep the weekends aside to spend time with their families. Therefore, if you send out any emails to them during the weekends, it might be a total failure.

However, if most of the people from your subscribers’ list are young professionals or people who do not have children, then you might see an increasing trend in the number of people opening your emails.

Therefore, if this strategy looks right for your recipients and company, then weekends will prove to be the ideal time for you. This will only help you in all ways. You will be removed of the excess workflow of sending heaps of emails during the weekdays.


After putting together results of different studies and experiences, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are more likely to get you better open and click rates for sending out emails to your subscribers. Therefore, midweek is the best option for all kinds of businesses and professionals.

The Bottom Line

We often don’t realize but timings are a crucial part of the email lifecycle campaign. While these strategies might assist you in several ways and in fact, help you set up your business at the same time, every business is different from the other.

The one thing that works for one might not work out for the other. Therefore, do take lots of helps from the points mentioned above, but use them to test and figure out what works best for you.

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