Best Time to Send Emails (Advanced Guide)

September 8th, 2017 | One Comment

Email marketing can be held accountable for around 40% online transactions, globally. Knowing the best time to send emails is very important because that will lead to eventually garnering more traffic for your site.

Your open and conversion rates could plummet in case you send out your emails at the wrong time. This will definitely have a very big impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

But, at the end of the day, it is all going to depend on your recipients.

Initially, it might take you a few months to set up. But make sure that you have played around in all possible ways with the days and times you send your emails to find out what succeeds. Run Read more

Email Subject Line Best Practices

September 5th, 2017 | 3 Comments

More than 144.8 billion emails are delivered across the globe. That’s a wow figure, isn’t it?

Gone are the days when buyers and sellers would have to meet and bargain over a shop or store. Everything happens on the virtual platform today.

There are websites and e-stores popping up by the minute adding on to the intense competition. They are presenting unique and out-of-the-box content. However, having a website is not enough.

You need to work on it, promote it and expand its reach. Email marketing and ecommerce solutions help you with that.

Now, most people usually ignore email subject lines. You know that thing you have at the top of any email stating the title and content of Read more

How to turn your email list into brand promoters | Email Marketing

August 14th, 2017 | No Comments

Customer acquisition and retention are the traditionally advertised benefits of email marketing. Automation software allows companies makes keeping in touch with customers at every stage of the buyers’ journey simple and cost-effective. Yet, an often overlooked potential for email marketing is the ability to transform your list from passive readers to active promoters.

Brand ambassadors are born after the sale.

Sadly, many companies don’t take advantage of the full scale of possibilities inherent in email marketing. They end relationships with customers after check out. The thank-you email or shipping confirmation signals the end of the journey. Other companies may continue to send monthly promotional emails to stay in the forefront of consumer consciousness, but these companies still Read more

Xink Email Signature Alternative: What Email Signature to use

August 8th, 2017 | No Comments

84% of the contents in our spam box is due to overdone email signatures. An email signature is an etiquette that represents our company to the recipients. It is not enough to have a competent organization.

Advertising is the key to expanding any business. Moreover, you can even advertise yourself while looking for new jobs, right?

Email signatures are the new-age business cards that help you to bring out your skills to the world. You would naturally prefer the design of your signature to be professional instead of being tacky.

While with experience, we gain the knowledge of what to put and what not, email signature generators help us in the beginning.

Even if you already have some experience, you Read more