How to create a Professional Email Signature for Gmail

how to create email signature for gmail

Folks at Radicati reported that there will be 2.9billion email users worldwide. They also reported more than 120 business emails are sent and received by each email user per day. That being said, Gmail recently crossed their 1Billion active user’s milestone. Yes. It is Big B. Billion users everyday use Gmail and send mails to one another, out of which only a handful are opened.

In those handful emails too, it is said that every user spends approximately 8 seconds in analyzing the mail and that 8 seconds is your window to create an impression on the reader. That impression can be made by a professional Gmail signature.

Not having a professional Gmail signature does not mean the end of the world, but having one might be one of the most effective things that you can add to your mail. You might have never given much importance to it yet, but I assure you that with a professional Gmail signature, your mails will have a better influence on the reader and will have a better impact on the subject you are proposing.

Having a professional Gmail signature sounds very cool, but at the same time tough. However, Gmail as always have simplified everything you need and that too in the best possible way. One can easily create a Gmail signature without dropping a sweat and with the following guide, you can even do it in minutes.

Step 1 – Go to Settings

You need to obviously start with finding the settings that will eventually add your signature to Gmail. For that, you need to be logged in to your Gmail account. From there find the “gear-like symbol” on the top right corner of the page.

Now, go to “Settings” and then scroll down till you find the “Signature” field. Since, you have no signature till now, the option will be by default set to “No Signature”


Step 2 – Add your details

Once you reach the Signature settings, you will see an open text field with options similar to word documents.

Enter your details there. The details that are recommended to add consists of Your Name, Designation, Phone Number and the Website, if you have any.

For Example,

James Franko, Senior Consultant

+91 8877722666

You can write your details in different fonts, colors and text sizes. Make sure to highlight your name or any other important detail you want to highlight. You can do that by increasing the text size of name and other important details and changing their color to stand out.

Step 3 – Add your links

Having a link in your signature will allow readers to directly navigate to your website. This is extremely helpful and a chance to display your website since most of the readers are always in a hurry and would love a shortcut.

Just select the text that you want to link and click on the “link” icon on the task bar of signature field. Then enter the URL you want and that’s it. You can always add your social media links, but make sure to keep your signature in the limit of three to four lines.

Step 4 – Add a logo/photo

If you have a company or brand logo and you are representing the company on their behalf then it’s wise to add the logo as an image. However, if you are an individual, a personal picture would be wiser. The aim here is to portray your professional attitude in either way.

To add a personal image or a logo, click on the icon with two mountains, which is obviously the option to upload an image. Select the picture from your drive or computer and click “select” below to finally upload it. Check the size and alignment before finally fixing it.

Step 5 – Save the Signature

Once you are ready with your signature, simply scroll down to end of the page and click on “Save Changes”.

There you are, from now on every time you send a mail, your signature will automatically appear at the end of it. Your mail will look very professional and the reader will know that you are serious about your conditions and proposals. Having a professional Gmail signature, is a nice way to intimidate your reader.

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