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Hubspot Email Signature

Poor email signatures are accountable for 84% of the content in your Spam folder. You can look up a variety of template designs online to create your signature. But wouldn’t it be a better choice to seek professional guide to do so?

Email signatures represent your company’s image. We all want to make a good impact, don’t we? However, that is a little difficult when we attach a cluttered signature. These signatures throw the contents of the actual email into the shadows.

Thus, the easier method is to take the help of email signature generators. You all must have come across some of the more famous ones online. Hubspot Email Signature is one among them. Hubspot is no doubt a reputed company in its own right.

However, I would like to introduce you to a recent addition to this list, Signaturia.

What is An Email Signature Generator?

You can design your email signatures professionally through email signature generators. It is an online tool from which you can download the created signatures.This is a better alternative to using some standard template design borrowed from Google.These are meant to be professional guides to create email signatures.

An email signature should be brief and neat. It should have space for all the contact details without cluttering the template. We hold 85% of the business meetings on Skype. As such, we have few chances for exchanging of business cards nowadays.

You can easily provide your clients your contact details through email signatures. Not only do email signatures replace business cards, but they are also so much more.

You can upload your images on your signature through these tools. You can edit these images and logos online. You can then insert them according to the template design you desire. Most generators will offer some free templates. They will also allow a period of free usage. To unlock more, you will need to pay for the premium packages.

However, some email generators offer a lower number of signatures than others. Most are built for personal use. You can design signatures for one or two email IDs at the most.

The features vary according to your choice. Most generators offer social media links along with custom designed company logos. They also offer a variety of quotes to choose from.

About Hubspot Email Signature Generator

There are more than 4.35 billion email accounts all over the world. Most of these are business email IDs. A good percentage uses email signatures as a mark of identity in their emails.

Hubspot is free in its services, unlike many other signature generators. You will find that the entire process easier here. Most of the users who generate email signatures do not want to write the HTML code themselves. You can easily create your signature without the latter here.

However, some who can do the coding have an advantage here. They can use an advanced mode that Hubspot offers. For this, you will have to copy the code generated by Hubspot and create your own design.

Hubspot offers video contents in their email signatures. This helps if you are creating your signature for advertisement. You develop an introductory video for yourself using the CAT content on Hubspot. You can also advertise your company or any particular product through a video.

Why should you consider an alternative for hubspot

Apart from this, you can add personalized meeting links to your Hubspot signature. If a client wants to communicate, they can use this link to select a meeting slot. This can save them the trouble of having to call you or send an email.

Along with these, you can find several options in social media linking. Using Hubspot, you can track the number of people who clicks on these links. You could use different media links if the ones you do use are not popular enough.

However, in spite of all these, Hubspot is not without their flaws. You cannot use the signatures that you create on Hubspot, anywhere else. You can use it only on those email IDs that you choose initially.

Moreover, the security on these signatures is not that rigid. Anyone can tweak the information with ease. This is probably the most significant concern regarding Hubspot. Your signatures are your personal marks of identity. If any random recipient can breach them so easily, it could have consequences that are dangerous.

Moreover, you cannot use Hubspot created signatures on legal fields. Hubspot offers several unique features. But its negative aspects are often non-negotiable.

Signaturia: An Alternative email signature generator to replace hubspot

If you want to create a larger number of signatures,Signaturia is a better option. This is one of the very few signature generators that aim to create generic signatures for an entire team. As such, you can access two kinds of premium packages from Signaturia.

You can select from 30 varieties of templates in the paid versions of Signaturia. One of them is the Team plan. This is cheaper than the Corporate plan.

You can use any of the 50 email signatures that the Team plan offers. You can also use the dashboard access to download the signatures. For this pack, you will have to pay not more than $5.99 in a month.

However, if you want to create email signatures for all the employees of your company, you can use the Corporate plan. You can easily access all the advantages of the Team plan here. But in this plan, you will also have generator access. The cost is a lot more than the Team plan at $33.35 for a month.

You don’t have to pay right in the beginning. For a month, you can test out Signaturia for free. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can access the Account page to do so. In case, you have to upgrade your plan; you can do so through the Account page as well.

Of course, if you want, you can stick to personal signatures. However, would it not be nice to have a single template for the all the company email ID’s for your employees? You can use the social engagement metrics to have real-time updates your signatures.

Most of the email accounts are compatible with Signaturia. Whether it is a Gmail or an Apple Mail or Yahoo or Outlook account, you can build a signature here.

Moreover, unlike other generators, Signaturia’s technical support is more responsive. They will attempt to send a reply in 24 to 48 hours at the most.


You can create a limited number of signatures with most of the email generators. However, you can have an advantage there if you use Signaturia.

Signaturia is perfect for small companies as well as larger firms. It is easy to download and install as well. They offer a large number of customization options and links. More importantly, all these advantages make it cost-effective.

If you want just a personal email signature, there are other tools that will be sufficient. However, on a corporate level, Signaturia would be the better choice.



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