Newoldstamp Email Signature Alternative : What email signature tool to use?

An email signature occupies 15 to 25% of the email. Don’t you think that it is important that the signature is as informative and simple as possible? It is true that some people are experienced with creating email signatures and do not need help. But for the novices, a bit of professional advice would be helpful.

This is where email signature generators come in. These online tools walk the user through the entire process of creating an email signature.

The point of an email signature is to advertise your profile without overshadowing the contents of the email. There are a couple of tips that you can consider. It is enough to keep the colors neutral and the template simple. A catchy signature would not serve the purpose better than a functional one.

The recipient should not have to read the signature consciously to grasp the details. It should be an instinctual process as they finish reading the email. Most email signatures are used by company email IDs. Usually, every employee generates their own signature with their own ideas. But it looks better if every employee had one template for their company email ID, right?

There are several options for you to choose from.WiseStamp, Email Signature Rescue, New Old Stamp are some of the popular ones. ‘

To create email signatures on a mass level, you can try out Signaturia.

If you use a signature generator, it will save you the guesswork of what should work and what wouldn’t. However, let us first take a peek into how an email signature generator benefits you. We will come to the various options you can consider later.

What is an Email Signature Generator?

At a very basic level, an email signature generator is a tool to create email signatures. To start with, it provides you variations for template designs. A template design is a critical aspect of how your email signature would appear to be.

You can include a lot of details if the template arranges it concisely. On the other hand, even a couple of lines will take up a lot of space if the template is disorganized.

An email signature generator gives you the options of several such designs to choose from. Apart from this, every email signature needs some mark of online existence. They help to build up their trust. You would like to look up the information they provide if it is a company you are interested in, right?

Many other generators have features like real-time updates. You can check up on the number of people who clicked on your links. They also provide direct links to set up meetings and contacts.

You can choose a generator that provides free signatures. However, with most of them, you can only use the free signature for a limited period. Beyond that, you will have to pay a monthly amount.

Newoldstamp Email Signature Generator

Newoldstamp is a free email signature generator. These signatures are usually compatible across all devices and most email IDs. This includes Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo and more. We access 40% of the emails we receive through our phones. New Old Stamp makes sure that the signature can show up on iPhone and Android.

You can add a promotional banner to your email signature through Newoldstamp. These banners increase the traffic that your signature attracts. They provide links to offers and more information that the client might want to look into.

It could be a link to a blog or the latest achievements of your company. The banner button makes the client curious enough to click on it. This furthers your advertising.

As a blogger, you can use any email signature generator with a link to your blog. However, Newoldstamp promotes templates specially designed for bloggers. It provides a link to your blog and other social profiles. But it also draws attention to your last blog activity.

Not all email signatures need to be professional. There are those businesses that deal with more creative work like art or photography. There, it is better to have a colorful and attractive signature.

You can choose from the templates to create a striking signature as well as a neutral one. For designers, Newoldstamp signatures display pieces of their work. It provides links to the designing websites and invites more clients in.

It can also display the latest award you won or work you succeeded in. You can add in examples of your photography or other images to advertise your job.

You can also use a dual logo to fill in more details about your company. This is useful in corporate signatures and makes the latter more eye-catching.

For freelancers, it provides a chance to showcase their profile with more attractive accents and detailed information.

Overall, Newoldstamp is certainly an attractive option. It even had options for creating signatures for your entire team, instead of just personal ones.

Signaturia- the Best NewoldStamp Alternative

Signaturia is one of the latest additions to the many email signature generators. This generator specializes in creating signatures for an entire team or work place.

Signature offers two packages. You can certainly try out the signatures for free for a month. However, after that, you will have to make a choice. Choosing a package will open up more template designs.

The Team pack of Signaturia offers 50 template ideas. It further provides you dashboard access and signature stats. This is the cheaper of the two packages. The Team package will charge you $5.99 a month.

The Corporate package is for creating email signatures for all the employees in an office. It charges $33.25 a month. Along with all the advantages of the Team package, you can also use the generator access.

The downloading and uninstallation are very simple sets of procedures. You just have to access your account to uninstall the subscription. If you want to upgrade it, you go through the same process.

The best aspect of Signaturia is the prompt customer service they provide. You can seek help through the helpdesk. There are several articles to guide you. While waiting for the response, this should help you out a bit.


Signaturia, on the whole, is a very reasonable and pocket-friendly option. It provides good customization of signatures at a minimal rate. There aren’t tons of great options for creating bulk signatures for an entire office.

Considering that, it is not too expensive. Moreover, customer service is more important than just features. It is what helps you out in times of need. Signaturia responds within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are willing to try out a new service, Signaturia is a good alternative to Newoldstamp.


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