Xink Email Signature Alternative: What Email Signature to use

84% of the contents in our spam box is due to overdone email signatures. An email signature is an etiquette that represents our company to the recipients. It is not enough to have a competent organization.

Advertising is the key to expanding any business. Moreover, you can even advertise yourself while looking for new jobs, right?

Email signatures are the new-age business cards that help you to bring out your skills to the world. You would naturally prefer the design of your signature to be professional instead of being tacky.

While with experience, we gain the knowledge of what to put and what not, email signature generators help us in the beginning.

Even if you already have some experience, you can take advantage of the varied collection of templates and quotes that these online tools offer. We will go into what to look for in a signature generator.

But before that here is the basic outlook of what an email signature generator is.

What Is an Email Signature Generator?

An email signature generator is an online tool that guides you through the process of creating an email signature. This begins with choosing a template and ends with downloading the formed signature to your email ID.

Apart from that, every signature generator lets you upload images or logos to include in the signature. After all, a signature would be incomplete without any graphics, right?

Email signature generators often let you keep track of how many of your recipients click on the signature links.

This lets you modify them according to popularity. You would always add a few social media links at the very least. You can even  link your website or blog to the signature as well.

These help to reassure the clients. If there is no evidence of the existence of your company online, it is harder for the clients to trust you. You would find such an offer shady as well, wouldn’t you?

Hence, every generator will offer you several such links to choose from. Some even let you display some of your work on the signature. If you are working for a photography firm, you can post some of your Instagram shots at the bottom of the signature.

Or if you own a café, you can display pictures of the best dishes instead. Even if the client didn’t bother to click on the links, they would have an idea of what your company is offering at a glance.

However, some generators will only allow you to create one or two signatures. A few, like Signaturia, on the other hand, are dedicated to creating similar signature templates for an entire team.

Xink is another email signature generator that aims at turning email signatures into a form of marketeering.

Xink is already an established firm in the field of email signatures. Signaturia, being a recent launch, offers similar advantages.

Xink Email Signature Generator

  1. The Xink editor is very easy to operate. There are three kinds of modes that you can access. It has an HTML mode, the more advanced of the three, which displays the code.

It also has a WYSIWYG feature. The last mode is the preview of the displayed result.

You can use this editor to upload your chosen images and links to the signature. With this, you can make the signature both personalized and professional at the same time.

  1. Even if you use Xink to create email signatures for all your employees, each employee can still personalize them. You can also customize it by the department or designation.

Xink offers three kinds of signatures. These include optional, default and reply/forward. The use of each depends on the administer setting.

  1. You can also try out the campaign calendar to promote events. You can use this for sending mass email details, body text length, call to action and more. This setting applies to all the emails that each prospective client will receive in a day.


You can fix the length of the campaign as well with the help of the calendar as well. This becomes a part of every correspondence, daily, till you call it off.


  1. Xink further offers user importing. You will find this feature helpful while creating a signature for the newest employee in your company. Even after you have created and installed the first bulk of signatures, you can ádd’ signatures accordingly.

For one or two employees, you can go the manual way. However, if there is suppose, an entirely new department to include, you can import users with the help of an excel sheet.

Signaturia: Best email signature alternative

If you have been using Xink for long, don’t you think it is time to try out something different? Signaturia deals with producing email signatures for all the members of your team, instead of just one or two.

In fact, Signaturia offers two packages, both directed towards the mass production of similar email signatures, at once.

For the Team package, you need to pay $5.99 a month. This package will offer you about 50 email signatures. Along with this, you get to enjoy signature stats, dashboard access and more.

The Corporate package is similar at a larger scale, but a bit more expensive. This package is more suited to creating email signatures for all the employees of the office.

Along with the advantages of the Team package you also enjoy the generators access. For this, you need to pay $33.25 in a month.

If you are still skeptical about giving this a try, you can subscribe for the free trial first. You can use the email signature that you create for a month, free of cost.

If you ever need to uninstall the signature or upgrade your subscription, you can do either from the Accounts page.

You can even keep track of the social media metrics in your email signature in real-time. This helps you to assess the popularity of your email signature.

Signaturia is accessible by a wide variety of email providers. This includes Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo and more. The incompatibility of your email signature with your provider will never probably be an issue here.


However, every other feature will lose their charm if the signature generator has poor customer support. Unlike a few other generators, Signaturia provides rapid tech support.

They will reply within 24 to 48 hours at the most. In the meantime, you can research the articles on the helpdesk of Signaturia. They will provide further insight into any problem you may face.

Being a newly formed signature generator, Signaturia has a lot to offer at a reasonable price. It should cause no harm to at least try it out once.

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